Star Citizen adds kickstarter as funding option

Star Citizen, called the "spiritual successor" to the Wing Commander franchise, is a new space sim from Cloud Imperium Games Corporation, headed by Chris Roberts, which will support the Oculus Rift headset. The game was originally getting crowdfunded through their own website with a funding goal of 2 million USD. There's many advantages to raising money without going through Kickstarter. You don't have to give a significant cut of your raised money to Kickstarter and Amazon, for one, and you also don't have to reach a set goal to keep the funds.

On the other hand, Kickstarter provides a great platform for publicity, and subsequently more chance of getting supporters. Although having raised a million all on their own is pretty damn impressive, they've now decided to add a Kickstarter campaign to stretch further towards their funding goals, with a goal of 500,000 USD.

Within just a few hours they have already recieved over $100k in pledges, so they are not only heading for a successful drive, they might very well surpass their original 2mil goal, when combined with the million they have already raised.

If the prospect of commanding your own space fighter using the Oculus Rift sounds interesting to you, go support the game, either through Kickstarter, or through their official website.