Yet another spacethemed game for the Rift

Yet another spacethemed game for the Rift

The list of sci-fi space games looking to add support for the Oculus Rift grows larger by the day, and latest addition is a new Kickstarter project by Zero Point Software, a Danish indie developer company, called "Interstellar Marines: Prologue"

Several backers were asking about Rift support, and this was the response by the developers:

Regarding the Oculus Rift ... well, here are the facts! :) The honest truth is that we couldn't afford to support Palmer's Kickstarter campaign when it was active (it was that or food) and we're just so grateful that he made it. However .. with the resent "success" of our Steam Greenlight campaign, we been able to purchase a dev-kit from Palmer the traditional way and rest assured that we'll make sure that the immersive experience of Interstellar Marines will be the home away from home for all Rift owners! For the love of the game, Kim