Oculus Rift first-hand impressions at CES

Oculus are currently at CES showing off the Rift, and I thought I would gather all the new impressions videos and interviews that come out of the show. I will update and add videos to this article as they come out.

Videos added January 11th: Techhive, Techcrunch, Untitled Network, Rev3Games

The Verge

First a short interview, with some footage of the rift in action.

The Verge also dedicated a good 10 minutes on their "Top Shelf" show to the Rift, with Palmer Luckey himself as a guest. (Starting 19 minutes into the show)

The Verge lovefest for Oculus continues on The Vergecast After Hours, where Joshua Topolsky and his co-hosts goes to extreme lengths to praise the Rift, comparing the experience to various drug experiences. (Starts about 35 minutes into the show)



A short overview of the Rift, with some demo footage


Engadget (en Español)

A short overview of the Rift, with some demo footage (in Spanish)


Laptop Magazine

Good video of how a journalist gets introduced to the Rift by Oculus. Best quote: "Holy Cow" (Austrian)

Good video of how an austrian journalist gets introduced to the Rift by Oculus.


Philip DeFranco

Philip DeFranco hates VR, but loved the Oculus Rift. (About 5m45s in)

c   ##IGN "The first time VR has been done right"

Lengthy interview with Nate Mitchell, Oculus VP of Product.



Another positive impression. I am still waiting for someone to say anything bad about the Rift... (Link to the video if the video doesn't play)



Another on-stage demo and interview with Palmer Luckey


Untitled Network

Interview with Palmer, followed by a demo. Spoiler alert: Positive impressions.



Anthony Carboni tried the Rift at PAX, and got another go at it at CES, and has a quick interview with Palmer.