Rift devkits start showing up in the hands of developers

Yesterday, Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten tweeted his colleague Notch, aka Markus Persson, letting him know his Oculus Rift devkit had arrived.

Shortly after this picture was tweeted, showing Persson along with Jakob Porsér posing with each of their Rifts, but the picture was quickly removed, quite possible by request from Oculus.

(Update: Notch jokingly tweeted "If we ever received something like the Oculus Rift, we'd probably be stupid enough to tweet pics of it immediately, despite agreeing not to." following up with "Of course, if that hypothetical situation arose, we'd apologize for it." I can understand how getting a rift will make you excited enough to forget any NDAs you agreed to)

It's not so surprising that Notch and his crew would be first in line for a devkits. Notch has been a vocal supporter of Oculus for a long time, giving it much praise after having demoed it and he has said he intends to make his new game, 0x10c, compatible with it, and also hinted the possibility of the massively popular Minecraft getting support.

Sebastien Kuntz however, might not be as obvious of a choice, but he also tweeted that he had recieved a kit. This tweet was also removed quickly.
As people questioned why this guy would get one early, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey himself responded on the forums, saying "In addition to being a good person to have a Rift, Sebastien is also a good VR friend of mine."

Kuntz is the CEO and Founder of i’m in VR, a company creating software that helps in the creation of VR applications. Doesn't sound like a bad choice for an early Rift recipient.

Oculus has still not given an official update on their shipping schedule since last year, but recently reiterated that they expect the first batch to arrive in mid-march.