Oculus SDK updated with Mac support and more

Oculus has just released version 0.2.1 of their SDK, which you can download here, if you have developer access.

Here's the changelog for the latest update:

New Features

  • Added initial magnetometer-based yaw drift correction. Press ‘X’ and ‘Z’ keys to calibrate in OculusWorldDemo.
  • Added support for chromatic aberration correction.
  • Added Mac OSX support to C++ OculusWorldDemo and Unity integration.
  • Redesigned SDK internals to make use of portable HID abstraction layer.
  • Added motion prediction to OculusWorldDemo app, it can be toggled with ‘P’ key.



  • Exposed new properties in OVRCameraController to toggle prediction, chromatic aberration, etc.
  • Added 64-bit Windows support.
  • Fixed deferred rendering shadow issues with Rift integration.


Bug Fixes

  • Modified StereoConfig to adjust projection center based on lens centers instead of IPD; this approach is correct considering collimated light.
  • Fixed renderer crash triggered on HD3000 when mip-maps were dropped.
  • Fixed occasional USB re-opening issues when USB connector is plugged back in.
  • Adjusted reported distance between lens centers to 63.5 mm.