Oculus changes shipping estimates for new orders to August.

As the demand for the Oculus Rift dev kit has kept increasing, their expected shipping date on the pre-order page has kept moving, from april to may to june. This time they've skipped July entirely, and are now stating August as the month you should expect to recieve your kit if you order today.

A little over 3 weeks ago the Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey, stated in a reddit comment that he expected all orders placed before April to ship within May. After the last shipping update Oculus seemed unlikely to meet this goal.

Palmer posted this update on r/oculus today:

Production is going well and getting faster as we go along. We're on track to deliver all the Kickstarter orders before the end of May (though the last international orders are may not reach backers til early June since some countries take a long time to move a package through).

We'll start fulfilling website pre-orders in late May / early June. It's impossible to give exact dates/numbers when we're dealing with so many moving parts, but if you ordered in 2012, we expect you'll have your kit in June. If you're placing an order today, the wait will definitely be a little longer. Our order rate keeps going up, we had a lot more orders last month than previous months; We just updated our website to reflect that current pre-orders will not ship until August (we hope that we can scale up our production to deliver units even faster as the line gets longer).

Sorry I was off in the last shipping post!

Yours truly will be following closely to see if they manage to get through kickstarter rewards within May, as I am at the front of the pre-order queue. Fingers crossed.