The 1080p Rift; what the press is saying


[…]the difference was immediately apparent. Surface textures could be seen in much higher fidelity, colors were brighter and less muddied and the general detail of the entire environment was greatly improved. For example, when viewing a torch mounted on the wall in the HD headset, you could see the individual flickering of the flame with subtle color striations, whereas the same torch appeared as a pulsing orange blob in the existing dev kit.

The Verge

[…]based on a few minutes of time with Rifts old and new, the upgrade makes a huge difference. Gone is what CEO Brendan Iribe called "the screen-door effect," and everything comes in much sharper and clearer. We played a game rendered in the newly-integrated Unreal Engine 4, and from the snowflakes outside to the large, horned monster inside, details just pop in a way they never did before. It makes the world feel more immersive, more immediate.


After trying out the new headset, the visual improvements are immediately noticeable. The "screen door" effect so noticeable in the current 720p development kit is significantly reduced, and the lighting effects on display in the Unreal Engine 4 engine look fantastic.


I tried out the new prototype and can confirm that the improved resolution helped bring me into the game. Unfortunately, I did still notice a bit of a black border around individual pixels. Once I was moving and looking around, however, that screen-door effect evaporated slightly.