Oculus shows off 1080p prototype Rift at E3


Virtuix Omni kickstarter now live

Virtuix Omni kickstarter now live

Speaking of products that enhance your virtual reality experience. The problem of simulating movement in VR without a large space, or a highly expensive omnidirectional treadmill is a tricky one to solve, and Virtuix has the best solution I've seen so far, with the Omni.

Early bird rewards are sold out, but you can get yourself the DIY version (bring your own support structure) for 300 USD, or the full version for 400 USD. International buyers beware, though, as the shipping costs can go as high as 700 USD.


ARAIG - A multi-sensory feedback suit

ARAIG - A multi-sensory feedback suit

[…] it is wearable technology that stimulates the senses where you, the gamer, can now feel the rain on your shoulders, the rumble of a tank, the concussion of sound and debris, where you are drowned in the sensations and sound of your gaming world.

The lowest kickstarter pledge that gets you a suit is currently $325, and the product has an expected delivery date of December 2014.


Second Life CEO talks Oculus in interview

Second Life CEO talks Oculus in interview

We have the Oculus Rift working within Second Life and we are working to make it a triple A experience particularly round the user interface.

Via RoadToVR


Andrew Reisse — In Memoriam

Andrew Reisse — In Memoriam

Oculus employee and founding member Andrew Reisse passed away on thursday after being struck by a car involved in a police chase. (ABC news story)
My condolences goes out to his family and friends, and co-workers at Oculus.


Oculus behind the scenes at GDC

From their latest blog update here


Google shows off Oculus integration for Maps at I/O

Google shows off Oculus integration for Maps at I/O

Although the idea of looking at satellite photos might not be the most exciting idea for Oculus Rift demos, it is nice to see a huge company like Google support the headset.


Among the Sleep alpha released

Among the Sleep alpha released

Krillbite have released a playable build of Among the Sleep just before reaching their Kickstarter goal of $200k, with 3 days left on the clock.

They have a stretch goal for Oculus Rift implementation if they get an additional $25000, although they have already vowed to add Rift support in some fasion regardless. The Norwegian developers also say they will release an alpha build with Rift support soon.


Half-Life 2 gets official Rift support

Half-Life 2 gets official Rift support

We just shipped a beta for Half-Life 2 that includes Oculus Rift support. To get it, open the properties for HL2 in Steam, set your command line to "-vr", and opt-in to the SteamPipe beta. This should ship to everybody in a few weeks.


Oculus changes shipping estimates for new orders to August.

As the demand for the Oculus Rift dev kit has kept increasing, their expected shipping date on the pre-order page has kept moving, from april to may to june. This time they've skipped July entirely, and are now stating August as the month you should expect to recieve your kit if you order today.

A little over 3 weeks ago the Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey, stated in a reddit comment that he expected all orders placed before April to ship within May. After the last shipping update Oculus seemed unlikely to meet this goal.

Palmer posted this update on r/oculus today:

Production is going well and getting faster as we go along. We're on track to deliver all the Kickstarter orders before the end of May (though the last international orders are may not reach backers til early June since some countries take a long time to move a package through).

We'll start fulfilling website pre-orders in late May / early June. It's impossible to give exact dates/numbers when we're dealing with so many moving parts, but if you ordered in 2012, we expect you'll have your kit in June. If you're placing an order today, the wait will definitely be a little longer. Our order rate keeps going up, we had a lot more orders last month than previous months; We just updated our website to reflect that current pre-orders will not ship until August (we hope that we can scale up our production to deliver units even faster as the line gets longer).

Sorry I was off in the last shipping post!

Yours truly will be following closely to see if they manage to get through kickstarter rewards within May, as I am at the front of the pre-order queue. Fingers crossed.


Oculus: SDK Update, New GDC Video, Global Shipping, and EVE Fanfest

Oculus: SDK Update, New GDC Video, Global Shipping, and EVE Fanfest

Our production rate continues to improve, and we’re currently building around 1,250 development kits each week. We’re now setup with new fulfillment centers in Europe and Asia, which should reduce delivery times for international backers.


Oculus SDK updated with Mac support and more

Oculus has just released version 0.2.1 of their SDK, which you can download here, if you have developer access.

Here's the changelog for the latest update:

New Features

  • Added initial magnetometer-based yaw drift correction. Press ‘X’ and ‘Z’ keys to calibrate in OculusWorldDemo.
  • Added support for chromatic aberration correction.
  • Added Mac OSX support to C++ OculusWorldDemo and Unity integration.
  • Redesigned SDK internals to make use of portable HID abstraction layer.
  • Added motion prediction to OculusWorldDemo app, it can be toggled with ‘P’ key.



  • Exposed new properties in OVRCameraController to toggle prediction, chromatic aberration, etc.
  • Added 64-bit Windows support.
  • Fixed deferred rendering shadow issues with Rift integration.


Bug Fixes

  • Modified StereoConfig to adjust projection center based on lens centers instead of IPD; this approach is correct considering collimated light.
  • Fixed renderer crash triggered on HD3000 when mip-maps were dropped.
  • Fixed occasional USB re-opening issues when USB connector is plugged back in.
  • Adjusted reported distance between lens centers to 63.5 mm.

Skyrim on the Oculus Rift is "unplayable"

Skyrim on the Oculus Rift is "unplayable"

In the last few days there's been a lot of hype regarding the ability to play Skyrim with the Oculus Rift, through the application of Vireio drivers. Ben Kuchera of the PA Report has some cautionary words for anyone who thinks adjusting the video and adding headtracking is enough to make a great VR experience out of games like Skyrim.


Theme Park Studio to include Oculus support

Theme Park Studio to include Oculus support

Due to overwhelming requests from our pledge givers and supporters throughout the gaming community, we are proud to announce Oculus Rift integration into Theme Park Studio.

Theme Park Studio has raised $30k of its $80k kickstarter goal, with 27 days to go.


Adding a webcam to the Oculus Rift

Adding a webcam to the Oculus Rift

The solution is actually quite simple – add a webcam with a wide angle lens so that when you are wearing the Rift you can switch to the camera and see your desk or what is happening around you.


Explore oceans in VR with Undercurrent

From the Oculus developer forum

We're a student group of 3D artists and programmers who have put together this playable demo in 3 months part-time during our final year of study, developed from the ground-up specifically for the Oculus Rift using UDK.


3D Printing sensor mounts for the Oculus Rift

3D Printing sensor mounts for the Oculus Rift

With something like the Razor Hydra, you can add quick positional tracking (the rift only tracks rotation, not position). With some webcams, you could theoretically do some stereoscopic augmented reality. Unfortunately, attaching all these things to the rift is a bit of a pain at the moment.

I'm not sure attaching to the front plate is the best approach, in terms of balancing the weight, but it's still a nice mod for anyone looking to experiment with extra sensors.


Stereoscopic Player now has Oculus Rift mode

Stereoscopic Player now has Oculus Rift mode

The 2.0.5 version released last week included an option for viewing 3D and 2D movies with a Rift.

You can download the latest version here


Cymatic Bruce and the Oculus Rift

Cymatic Bruce and the Oculus Rift

In case you haven't seen them, "Cymatic Bruce" has been making some excellent videos testing and reviewing the Oculus Rift devkit with all kinds of software. Good viewing material if you're pining for your own devkit like I am.


Video of Palmer Luckeys talk at GDC

Video of Palmer Luckeys talk at GDC

Oculus also announce their own Team Fortress 2 server

To celebrate the Oculus server’s grand opening, we’re hosting the first (of many) Oculus VR Gaming Night this Friday, April 19th from 6 – 9pm PDT!